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About Us

Why we started Termify?

As startup creators, we understand hiring a lawyer is very unusual and expensive for any startup or small business. That's why we and a few law experts spent 6 months handpicking the web most important laws when it comes to privacy and terms of use.

We've spent most of the time configuring this version of Termify to be as complete as possible for those ones recently starting.

After realizing what an amazing job we've done alongside all the knowledge we have acquired in those 6 months of reading and reading, we decided that we can also help bigger companies. So we launched PAID plans. I know what you are thinking... they might be way better than a free plan and yes your are right!

These plans include everything you need to keep your business safe from any legal issue. On top of that, we give you the html code, DOCX file, PDF and TXT file of your privacy policy and TOS. It wasn't enough, so we also give you a separate link, hosted on termify.io, with your TOS and Privacy Policies to share faster to anyone or to even display in your site.