Generate your EULA.

We create customized EULAs for web, Android & iOS app, Facebook app, Twitter developer account, Squarespace, Blogger, Wordpress, Shopify and more.

Generate EULA

Generate EULA

An EULA may be required if your website has access to external links, health information, fitness information, affiliate links, etc.

Keep you business safe at all times and create a custom-made EULA in less than 3 minutes to limit your liability related to the content you publish on your platform.

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    Download EULA Template (PDF, DOCX, TXT and HTML)
    Edit and customize manually your EULA hosts all your policies

EULA for Android and iOS apps.

iOS and Android apps can replace their pre-made default EULA offered by App Store and Google Play with their own custom-made EULA. Having a custom EULA is much better to include everything you need and protect your business completely.

Generate EULA for websites

Creating a EULA for your application or website can take a lot of time. You could either spend tons of money on hiring a lawyer, or you could simply use our service and get a unique EULA fully custumized to your website

You can also generate your EULA for website templates like:

    And many more

Generate EULA for e-commerce stores

If your website or app has the option to receive payments then including a EULA is required by law. We will make sure that your EULA ensures that you stay in line with your legal obligations.

Generate EULA for mobile & desktop apps

For any app you are developing you might need a EULA to launch it. Termify can help you generate the best for the case and get your app ready for review.


Use your EULA at any site.

Use your generated EULA without limits: on your WordPress website, on your Wix website, on your Facebook page, or even on your custom website.

You can either link your custom EULA that we host, or download them and put them in your website.

Download your EULA.

If you want to host the generated EULA on your site, you can just download the EULA and give them the use you want.

We will create your customized EULA in a variety of formats: PDF, DOCX, TXT & HTML files.


Reviews from our customers

"Once again, Termify has done the job perfectly. TYSM!. Bookmarked for my next project :)"

- James Curran Ecommerce

" meets all of our requirements. It is easy to use and quick to implement. Exactly what I needed to publish my app on App Store."

- Liron Relationship Hero

"Glad to have found you guys! it couldn't have been easier for me to get my EULA."

- Jose Palacio Arrampicata

"I've Been stuck for days trying to get that EULA to publish my app. You guys made it real simple and quick as two minutes. Thanks!"

- Rajesh Play Store

Benefits from using our EULA

We handle the heavy load is constantly looking for regulations around the world in order to create the best and most up to date policies for your business.

Constant Updates regularly supervise all policies and if we found new updates we will contact you and let you know about it.

Manual Customization lets you edit and customize manually your policies and also lets you download them on PDF, DOCX, TXT and HTML format.

Host Policies hosts all your policies so you can integrate anywhere (WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify, etc.).

Generate EULA